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5th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional 5th Anniversary Theme for Gifts: Fruit and Flowers; United Kingdom: Wood

Trees have long been known to represent wisdom and strength, showing the solidity of five years of marriage. Reflecting the depth of understanding between the pair and the wisdom to accept the reality of making mistakes, a couple who have been married for five years will have found ways in which to forgive each other, and thus enjoy a happy union.

Traditional Anniversary Gift Suggestions

  • Art-Print of Trees
  • Romantic Wood-Based Gifts for Her (Jewelry Box or Music Box)
  • Wooden Home Items (Basket, Chess Set, Bookends, Wine Rack)
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Wooden Kitchenware (Bowls, Salad Set, Placemats)
  • Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Wooden Sculpture


        Modern 5th Anniversary Theme for Gifts: Electrical Appliances

        The clarity of silverware, and its bright luster, is a symbol of the strength and purity of a marriage. It also makes a couple more aware of their shared bonds as they eat together with their family using silverware, forming a strong unit.

        Gemstone: Sapphire

        Alternate Stone: Turquoise, Rose Quartz or Pink Tourmaline

        Color: Pink, Blue or Turquoise

        Floral Theme: Daisy, Blue, Silver or Pink Rose

        • Daisy has a significance of loyalty, purity and faith.
        • Blue, Silver or Pink Rose is a romantic alternative for this anniversary, in keeping with the color theme, and the symbol of eternal love that a rose represents.

        Modern Anniversary Gift Suggestions

        • Flower: Daisy (Plant, Perfume, Scented Candles, Bouquet of Flowers, Art Print)
        • Light-Blue Glazed Eternity Rose or Dark-Blue Glazed Eternity Rose
        • Pink Glazed Eternity Rose
        • Silver Jewelry (Bracelet, Ring, Earrings, Necklace)
        • Silver Photo Frame
        • Silverware (Plates, Cutlery, Bowls, Candle Holder, Tea Set, Wine Bucket)
        • Turquoise, Pink Tourmaline or Rose Quartz Jewelry


                Below are the next anniversary themes to give you some further insight into this important occasion:
                1st Anniversary: Paper  |  2nd Anniversary: Cotton  |  3rd Anniversary: Leather
                4th Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers  |  5th Anniversary: Wood  |  6th Anniversary: Candy or Iron
                7th Anniversary: Wool or Copper  |  8th Anniversary: Pottery or Bronze  |  9th Anniversary: Willow or Pottery
                10th Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum  |  11th Anniversary: Steel  |  12th Anniversary: Silk or Linen
                13th Anniversary: Lace  |  14th Anniversary: Gold Jewelry  |  15th Anniversary: Crystal
                16th Anniversary: Coffee or Tea  |  17th Anniversary: Wine or Spirits  |  18th Anniversary: Appliances
                19th Anniversary: Jade  |  20th Anniversary: China  |  21st Anniversary: Fire
                22nd Anniversary: Water  |  23rd Anniversary: Air  |  24th Anniversary: Stone
                25th Anniversary: Silver  |  26th Anniversary: Art  |  27th Anniversary: Music
                28th Anniversary: Linens  |  29th Anniversary: Tools  |  30th Anniversary: Pearls
                31st Anniversary: Travel  |  32nd Anniversary: Bronze  |  33rd Anniversary: Iron
                34th Anniversary: Food  |  35th Anniversary: Coral  |  36th Anniversary: Antiques
                37th Anniversary: Books  |  38th Anniversary: Luck  |  39th Anniversary: Laughter
                40th Anniversary: Ruby  |  41st Anniversary: Office or Desk Decor  |  42nd Anniversary: Clocks or Watches
                43rd Anniversary: Entertainment  |  44th Anniversary: Electronics  |  45th Anniversary: Sapphire
                46th Anniversary: Games  |  47th Anniversary: Garden or Plants  |  48th Anniversary: Home Improvement
                49th Anniversary: Copper  |  50th Anniversary: Gold  |  51st Anniversary: Photos or Cameras
                52nd Anniversary: Bath or Spa  |  53rd Anniversary: Plastic  |  54th Anniversary: Glass
                55th Anniversary: Emerald  |  56th Anniversary: Day  |  57th Anniversary: Night
                58th Anniversary: Faith and Hope  |  59th Anniversary: Charity  |  60th Anniversary: Diamond