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What is Paper Finish?

Have you ever noticed that some papers are rougher or more textured than others? This texture is called “paper finish”. Different paper finishes can fall into two basic categories: smooth or textured. There are different smooth finishes and there are different textured finishes.

Smooth Paper Finishes

Smooth paper finishes may be smooth to the touch and to your eye, but there are still subtle differences in texture. Wove, bond, and vellum are some of the most common smooth paper finishes – along with the eponymous “smooth” finish.

Textured Paper Finishes

Textured paper finishes are textured visually and to the touch. The most common textured paper finishes are linen, felt, and laid. Textured paper adds a bit of gravitas and elegance to your paper projects.



Felt textures are created using a special roller. Felt textures can also be made offline using actual felt applied to the paper while it’s still very wet (this is called “genuine felt finish”), but more commonly, felt paper finishes are created using rubber marking rolls.


Linen texture is a classic, elegant paper choice that’s well suited to a variety of paper projects, like covers, brochures, personal stationery, business correspondence, homemade greeting cards, and wedding stationery.


Smooth paper is made smooth by passing paper through a set of rollers in a process known as “calendaring”. Smooth paper is suitable for any use, from personal stationery to business correspondence to brochures and pamphlets.